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Demography India, Special Issue 2018

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1 Population, Health and Development: Progress and Concerns
Ulimiri V. Somayajulu
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2 Socio-Economic & Demographic Determinants of Pregnancy Wastage among Women in India
Suresh Sharma & Jyoti
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3 Differential in the Fertility Indicators in Tribal Dominated Population in Manipur
Brojeshwor Heisnam & N. Sharat Singh
17-24 No Image
4 Population Projection using Mathematical Curves: Will Indian Population Stabilises by 2050?
Brijesh P. Singh, Gunjan Singh & Sandeep Singh
25-35 No Image
5 Factors Influencing Men Participation in Maternal Health Care in India
Sateesha Gouda M. & A. G. Khan
36-43 No Image
6 Covariates of HIV/AIDS Prevalence among Migrants and Non-migrants in India
Angad Singh & S. K. Singh
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7 Women Participation in Marriage Associated with the Use of Family Planning Method in India
Nutan Kumari & Chander Shekhar
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8 A Cross-sectional Study on Practice of Substance Abuse among School Adolescent of Varanasi, India
Pragya Singh, Anjali Singh, Ujjaval Srivastava, Vineet Singh, Pooja Singh, Neeraj Narayan & Kaushalendra K. Singh
65-72 No Image
9 A Study of Internal Migration India: An Application Markov Chains
Anupama Singh & K. N. S. Yadava
73-80 No Image
10 Differentials in Health Care Seeking Behaviour and Health Care Expenditure among Diabetes Mellitus Patient in India
Jeetendra Yadav and Shaziya Allarakha
81-90 No Image
11 The Nuptial Preference Change for the Men Belonging to Poor Sex Ratio Regions? A Content Analysis Approach based on Matrimonial Advertisements.
Enu Anand & Sayeed Unisa
91-99 No Image
12 Factors Influencing HIV Awareness amongst Adolescent Women: A Study of Slums in Delhi
Gagandeep Kaur
100-111 No Image
13 Reproductive Health of Tribes in Himachal Pradesh: Retrospect and Prospects
Suresh Sharma
112-124 No Image
14 Adolescents’ insight into STDs, HIV/AIDS and family welfare methods: Current Status and Myths from School Based Study in Varanasi, India
Ujjaval Srivastava, Kaushalendra K. Singh, Prashant Verma, Anjali Pandey, Anjali Singh & Ruchi Mishra
125-140 No Image
15 Advices on RCH during Ante-natal Care and its association on Utilizations and Practices of RCH services in India
Priyanka Yadav
141-154 No Image
16 Effect of MGNREGA on Employment Opportunities in Rural India
Navtez Singh
155-162 No Image